Miley Cyrus' Mom Tish Steals the Show In Empowering 'Mother's Daughter' Music Video -- Watch!

The sexually charged video features empowering messages about freedom, gender identity, inclusion and more.

She gets it from her mama!

Miley Cyrus dropped the official music music for "Mother's Daughter," off her new EP She Is Coming, on Tuesday, and while we can't get enough of the "feminist AF" singer in her red-hot latex one-piece, it's hard not to notice the real star of the video -- her "boss lady" mother, Tish Cyrus.

The sexually charged video, which was conceptualized by Miley and director Alexandre Moors, features empowering messages about everything from freedom to gender identity to inclusion, with visuals like "Every Woman Is a Riot," "Not an Object," "I Am Free" and "Virginity Is a Social Construct." Tish first appears around the 2:23 mark, clad in a blue dress, black over-the-knee heeled boots and Chanel accessories.

"My mama always told me that I'd make it, that I'd make it, so I made it," Miley sings from the couch, alongside her tea-drinking mother. "I put my back into and my heart in it / So I did it, yeah, I did it."

In addition to Tish, the video also features transgender models Aaron Philip and Casil McArthur, dancers Amazon Ashley and Paige Fralix, songwriter Melanie Sierra, actress Angelina Duplisea, skateboarder Lacey Baker, model Vendela and activists Tydryn Scott and Mari Copeny.

Watch below to see if you can spot them all:

Miley teased something epic was coming via Twitter one day earlier, writing, "@almacyber & I wrote a bad a** feminist anthem called Mother's Daughter and I am dropping the music video tomorrow 7/2! Beware it’s the S**T just like all the bad a** women starring alongside muah!"

The former Disney star released She Is Coming in May, revealing that the six-song EP is the first of three planned LPs coming out this year. She Is Here is expected out in the summer, while She Is Everything will drop toward the end of the year.

Hear more on Miley's new music in the video below.



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