Miranda Lambert Releases Glamorous New Music Video for 'Bluebird' -- Watch!

Miranda Lambert released her new music video for 'Bluebird' Friday, complete with all the glitz and glam of a bedazzled feather dress.

Miranda Lambert can't be caged!

The 36-year-old singer premiered her new music video for "Bluebird" on Friday, following a live Q&A with fans.

The video, which features the country star in a birdcage until she frees herself at the end, took only eight hours to film and was shot at a "a really cool club" in New York City, according to Lambert.

"Being in a birdcage all day was a unique experience," the blonde beauty explained to fans as the video premiered on YouTube. "I was very dizzy."

"I had to balance all day on that swing," Lambert said. "So, it was a workout!"

"Bluebird" marks Lambert's second radio single from her most recent album, Wildcard, which was released in November. 

"To me, this is a song of hope," Lambert commented to fans.

When asked what inspired the song, the singer revealed "'Bluebird' was inspired by a poem that Luke Dick brought in. "I wrote the song with him and Natalie Hemby," she said.

"Since I wrote it, I've been seeing bluebirds everywhere," Lambert said in a statement to ET. "The bluebirds had always been there -- I live on a farm-- but I never saw them like I see them now. It reminds me to open my eyes to what's around me. Now, seeing a bluebird sitting on a branch means so much more to me. I see a little piece of hope there, sitting with wings, and it's a reminder. I think this is one of those songs where every person takes what they need to from it."

While most of the music video features the star sitting on a swing inside a birdcage, she was able to bring some fun dance moves to set.

"I liked shaking my tail feathers in between takes," she joked to fans.

Not to mention, those tail feathers are bedazzled! 

In true Lambert fashion, the music video for "Bluebird" brings all the glitz and glam, complete with blue, rhinestone eyeshadow by makeup artist Moani Lee and a totally decked out bedazzled feather dress and gloves, styled by Tiffany Gifford.

While fans were hoping the music video would feature a cameo from Lambert's hunky husband, Brendan McLoughlin, the country star did reveal he was nearby during the video's premiere and live Q&A.

"Brendan says hi y'all!" Lambert told fans. "He's been doing pushups during this."

Lambert and McLoughlin, a former NYPD officer, secretly tied the knot in January of 2019 and Lambert announced the news the following month  around Valentine's Day.

“It's really good to be genuinely happy,” Lambert told ET back in November when asked how McLoughlin has brought joy into her life. “You almost don't realize that you're not until you get there and you're like, ‘Man, I didn't know that there was a level of comfort and happiness out there that existed like that.’”

During the fan Q&A on Friday, Lambert, who turned 36 this past November, couldn't help gush to fans that 35 was her favorite age because "I met my husband and calmed down a little bit."

Watch the new "Bluebird" video here.

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