Cruise and Fanning Dominate 'Super 8' Premiere


Hollywood's elite arrived in full force to the L.A. Premiere of J.J. Abrams' new film 'Super 8,' and ET's Samantha Harris was front and center for all the excitement.

Although Tom Cruise could only spare a few words to Samantha as he walked the carpet, the 'Super 8' cast and crew say Cruise was a frequent and memorable visitor to the film's set.

Steven Spielberg, one of the film's producers, recalls his own visits to the 'Super 8' set were often upstaged by the action superstar. "I heard about it from all the kids," he laughs. "All they wanted to do was talk about Tom Cruise."

Elle Fanning says that although she'd already met Tom while her sister Dakota was filming 2005's 'War of the Worlds,' Elle still felt starstruck by his appearances. "You hear that he's (on set), and everybody's like 'where is he?, where is he?!'"

As Cruise was a highlight for the cast, Writer/Director J.J. Abrams found up-and-comer Elle Fanning a standout presence on set. "The thing about Elle is, she was 12 when we shot the movie and she had this insane sophistication." He marvels that the young actress was able to perform "funny scenes" and "really emotional scenes" so effortlessly as "someone even twice her age couldn't," adding, "It was amazing."

Catch 'Super 8' when it arrives into theaters, June 10.