'New Year's Eve' Stars' New Year's Resolutions


The star-studded cast of New Year's Eve hit the red carpet at an advance screening to benefit the Tribeca Film Institute in NYC last night, where they dished on their New Year's resolutions.

"To finally officially really speak a second language," Jessica Biel says about her long-running goal. "I have been working on that for literally 12 years, or something like that," she jokes.

For Michelle Pfeiffer, taking the time to slow down is ideal.

"It's the same every year," Pfeiffer says about her resolution. "It's just to simplify, simplify, simplify. Slow down, so that I can enjoy the blessings that I have. I don't, you know, sort of want anything else, but easier said than done!"

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Her co-star Zac Efron revealed to ET that he's "not very good" at keeping his New Year's resolutions.

"If I have to do something, I try to take care of it straight away," he says. "[But] this year if I do have a New Year's resolution I would say it's to spend more time with my family. ... I want to make more time for my little brother, make more time for my mom, make more time for my dad," he smiles.

As for Sarah Jessica Parker, she has a tactic for dealing with the pressure of keeping her New Year's resolutions.

"I tend to not make them and then if I do, I tend to keep them secret so I can't be properly busted," she jokes.

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Check out the video to see how the cast feels about shooting the film that's considered a "love letter" to New York City, and to hear what Parker has to say about famous New Yorker Alec Baldwin's recent airplane drama!