Amy Adams on Working with Masters of 'The Master'


Amy Adams knocks it out of the park acting opposite thespian powerhouses Joaquin Pheonix and Philip Seymour Hoffman in director Paul Thomas Anderson's much-talked-about The Master, and the three-time Oscar nominee freely admits of her co-stars, "They're amazing -- I worship them."

Video: New Fireworks in 'The Master'

"The performances they were able to create and the way that they play off each other, the investment of self that they all gave, it's nice to see that being acknowledged because they really are such selfless artists and give of themselves in this piece so amazingly," lauds Amy.

In limited release now, The Master follows a charismatic intellectual known as "The Master" (Hoffman) who launches his own religion. Set in the '50s, the film is generating controversy due to its reported parallels to the rise of Scientology, but Amy shrugs it off, saying, "I know that the film is about so much more, and I know once people see them film, that's going to fade into the background, because what comes forward in this film is we deal with so many other issues -- the post-traumatic stress of post-war America -- there are so many other things to take away from this film, and I hope that people take away some of that as well."

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Watch the video to see how Amy found the set of the serious film much more fun than she'd ever expected, and how she balances motherhood with her busy film career…