Nancy O'Dell Takes On Cirque du Soleil


The new film Cirque du Soleil: Worlds Away gives moviegoers a never-before-seen look at one of the world's most fascinating acrobatic shows, and ET was offered its own behind-the-scenes look when Nancy O'Dell visited Cirque du Soleil's headquarters in Montreal for a personal tour.

Not only did Nancy have the chance to tour Cirque du Soleil's hallowed training grounds and chat with costumes and creative spaces vice president Benoit Mathieu and casting talent scout Pavel Kotov, but she also had the unique opportunity to dress up and try a few of the Soleil stunts.

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One of the world's most popular circus arts performance, Mathieu said that while many people have seen Cirque du Soleil live, the film, co-produced by James Cameron, will offer a new look at the storied show.

"It's quite great because we have a lot of great things to see, great things to show," he said. "A lot of people have seen the shows, but not everybody [has]. I think the film's going to give the opportunity for people to see stuff they haven't seen."

Cameron, who is known for directing and producing Titanic and Avatar, said that he was so enthralled with filming this project, which was filmed in 3D, that he became one of its cameramen.

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"I was executive producer, camera operator 'cause I love to shoot 3D," the Canadian film mogul said. "I was in safety harnesses up in the rafter shooting the guys on the Wheel of Death in 'Ka' (one of Cirque du Soleil's shows) and all that sort of thing. It was tons of fun to shoot."

Cameron added that the film may not be able to replace the live element of Cirque du Soleil shows but it will nevertheless present an unseen aspect that viewers can't experience sitting in a chair at a show.

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"A lot of the thrill of the Cirque show is that it is live. You can never have that," he said, "but putting it in 3D and putting the camera in places where you really feel the height and the jeopardy of these aerial artists working so far above the floor, it's a place you can't be sitting out there in the audience just looking at it from a distance."

Cirque du Soleil: Worlds Away
is in theaters December 21.