Exclusive: J.Lo's & Jason's Hot 'Parker' Chemistry


Jennifer Lopez and Jason Statham star in Parker, in which the two share some sizzling scenes and an obvious chemistry which is evident even in this exclusive "making of" clip from the film's DVD.

Statham plays a professional thief looking for revenge in the crime thriller, who Jennifer Lopez's character Leslie -- a woman on the inside who can help him -- quickly falls for. But Leslie is a far from trivial character in the film, and Lopez's portrayal of the down-on-her-luck love interest elevates her further.

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"This is a woman with real moxy. This is a woman who will survive," director Taylor Hackford says.

"We have this kind of relationship that builds through necessity and need, and at the same time there's a fair amount of chemistry," Statham says about the two's on-screen relationship.

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Check out the exclusive clip to see Statham try to resist Lopez's steamy advances.

Parker is available on Blu-ray/DVD May 21st.