Could The 'Predator' Remake Star A Woman?


News broke today on The Hollywood Reporter that another beloved 80s classic is on the slate for a trendy millennial reboot. This time, it's the iconic action horror Predator, and it's reportedly set to be helmed by Kiss Kiss Bang Bang director/writer Shane Black, who also recently created Iron Man 3!

The original Predator starred an ensemble of classic macho '80s musclemen, led by Arnold Schwarzenegger and co-starring Rocky's Carl Weathers and the pro-wrestler-turned-Minnesota-Governor Jesse Ventura.

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But does the sequel still need to adhere to the action-movie tradition of having an all-male cast with a token sexy girl they need to rescue? For a long time, studios saw this as the only way to attract legions of teenage bros to the theaters. But maybe we could move past these old tropes to embrace the re-emerging trend of having kick-ass female heroes.

But who could take on the role? Well, luckily for us there are quite a few badass heroines kicking baddies in the face these days. Here are a few who could totally thrive taking over for Arnold in this upcoming re-boot.

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This tough-as-nails MMA champ is about to make her feature film debut in the upcoming Expendables 3, followed soon after by Fast & Furious 7. Right now, this beautiful blonde badass is the UFC Bantamweight Champion, and was the first American woman to win an Olympic medal in Judo. Couldn't you see her choking out the Predator in the middle of the Colombian jungle?


While she may be quite a bit slimmer than the musclebound Schwarzenegger, she's proved her kickasss capabilities time and time again in Tomb Raider, Mrs. & Mrs. Smith and Salt. On top of her proven track record of being an action-hero draw, she's also got the big name recognition that a huge blockbuster re-boot would need.


Gorgeous, talented, and deadly, Gina would be the perfect addition to the Predator cast as one of the badass mercenaries who fall prey to the deadly alien hunter. In the recent action spy thriller Haywire, Carano did what so many female action stars fail at: She made it look like she really, really knew how to beat the hell out of people. And that's because she does. She's trained extensively in the deadly art of Muay Thai and could drive her knee straight through the back of the Predator's skull.


In what way would Xena: The Warrior Princess not be the perfect choice to lead this project? Sure, that "beloved" TV series ended almost 13 years ago, but Lawless hasn't missed a step. The 46-year-old star is still as beautiful as ever and could kick just as much ass as when she was whipping around that flying gold blade ring.


This hardcore action heroine almost didn't make it on the list, because we mistakenly assumed she had already starred in one of the installments in the Predator franchise, that's how perfect she would be. Michelle is a no-nonsense ass-kicker whose already shown her strength in the Fast & Furious franchise, S.W.A.T., Avatar, Machete, and many others.

So let's just pull the trigger and cast an awesome action heroine, Shane Black. Just imagine how it would feel to recreate the magic of Sigourney Weaver's Ripley in the Alien franchise! Hell, why not just cast Sigourney Weaver?

As for who should play the Predator? Jean-Claude Van Dame, just like he almost did in the 1987 original before dropping out. He still has what it takes. Did you see Expendables 2? Just look at those tree trunk arms!

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