Flashback: 13-Year-Old Christian Bale's First 'ET' Interview in 1987


Oscar winning actor Christian Bale is back in theaters Dec. 12th to take on the role of Moses in Exodus: Gods and Kings -- but he first caught our attention when he was just 13 years old.

ET met young Christian back in 1987 to talk about his starring role in the Steven Spielberg war drama, Empire of the Sun, where he played a young boy from a wealthy family, captured and forced to live in a Japanese confinement camp during World War II.

The role might seem like a difficult one for a young actor, but acting came quite naturally to Bale who told ET, "I was really nervous, but I wouldn't call it that difficult. I wouldn't say it's a really difficult sort of job."

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Bale decided to take on acting after his older sister encouraged him to give it a shot.

"I just really enjoy it. I just sometimes get really bored when I'm just at home and keep doing the same things," said Bale. "At first, it was just like a change really, and then I realized I enjoyed it so much -- why not carry on?"

Even with his new found fame, he managed to stay humble.

"I want to just carry on as normal -- with my friends, they treat me as before and I think that's really good," said Christian, adding that he doesn't like when people find out he starred in a film, "I prefer them just to leave me as just a normal kid."

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When asked if he wanted to keep acting he said, "I don't know yet -- I haven't like made up my mind. After this film, it encouraged me to carry on -- but I'm still not going to make up my mind yet."

Thankfully he did!

Watch this video to see 13-year-old Christian Bale's very first interview with ET.