Chris Pine Might Play Wonder Woman's Love Interest and Here's Why We're Excited!

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Wonder Woman might be having a hot, passionate love affair with Chris Pine!

According to Variety, the Star Trek lead is reportedly in talks to play the hero's love interest Steve Trevor in the planned Wonder Woman standalone film.

The 34-year-old Jack Ryan: Shadow Recruit star would be joining Gal Gadot for the upcoming movie, which would tell the warrior princess' origin story.

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In the original DC comics*, Steve Trevor was a U.S. Army intelligence officer in World War II who crashes his plane into Paradise Island, home of the Amazons -- the all-female warrior society that the Amazon warrior woman Diana hails from.

Diana joins Steve back in the world outside the borders of Paradise Island, and takes on the mantle of Wonder Woman, fighting crime and eventually joining the Justice League. Steve, on the other hand, becomes the traditional "Super Hero's Love Interest," pining for Wonder Woman, and often finding himself in life-threatening danger forcing Wonder Woman to save him.

Quite frankly, it's the perfect role for Pine! It can allow him to exercise his comedic timing and it would be an excuse to throw him in a World War II Army flight suit (which any Pine Nut would enjoy).

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Also, it's about time he got cast in a comic book movie. Sure, he's got Star Trek, but the dude would rock in either the Marvel or D.C. cinematic universes (and Marvel's is already getting a little crowded).

Plus, he looks just like his comic equivalent…

Seriously, it's almost as close as Robert Downey Jr. and Tony Stark.

No matter what he's wearing or how he's drawn, Chris and Steve seem to always resemble each other.

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If you need any further convincing that Chris Pine would be the perfect love interest, just check out the Into the Woods actor serenading a fan on Ellen in the video below.

*Steve Trevor has had a lot of different, conflicting and retconned story lines over the years, and we simply didn't have the time to include them all. So if you're a big Steve Trevor fan and you feel like something important was left out of our description, we apologize.

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