Meryl Streep Singing the Blues in 'Ricki and the Flash' Won't Leaving You Feeling Blue

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We're calling it now. It's time to give Meryl Streep another Oscar.

In this new clip from her upcoming film, Ricki and the Flash, the three-time Academy Award winner sings her heart out on the song, "Cold One," all while strumming on an acoustic guitar.

Streep, 66, plays the part of washed-up rocker Ricki, who returns home after leaving her family behind in pursuit of stardom when her daughter Julie—played by Streep's real-life daughter Mamie Grummer—is heartbroken after her husband leaves her for another woman.

In a comforting scene, we see Ricki sing the blues track to her ex-husband Pete Brummel, played by Kevin Kline, and Julie. The song was written for the film by Jenny Lewis and Johnathan Rice, and Streep's voice sounds absolutely beautiful.

Pete too can't believe his ears as he asks Ricki, "Who's song is that?"

"It's mine," she says. "I wrote that a long time ago."

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For Streep, this film wasn't only about the singing (we all knew she could from Mama Mia! and Into the Woods), but it presented her with the challenge of learning the guitar. The film's director, Jonathan Demme, shared with Yahoo Movies, "Meryl has told me that from the time she was a kid, she at the age of seven found herself in front of a radio loving electric guitar and rock 'n roll. She has lived as this kind-of wannabe guitar beast, and this part gave her the opportunity to actually do that." 

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The role also gave Meryl the opportunity to share the screen with her daughter for the first time since 1986's Heartburn, when Grummer was just 20 months old.

A true family film, Ricki and the Flash hits theaters Aug. 7.

Before she was one of the most acclaimed actresses in the world, Streep was told she wasn't pretty enough for King Kong. If you can't believe it, check out the video below.