First 'Deadpool' Trailer Is the Bloody NSFW Masterpiece Everyone Was Hoping For

Deadpool is coming, and he's bringing his smart mouth and killer instincts with him.

After months of leaked set photos, proof-of-concept videos and teases posted to Instagram and Twitter, our first real look at the long-awaited Deadpool movie is finally here – and it's everything we hoped it would be.

Ryan Reynolds plays the eponymous regenerative assassin, and we finally get to see the star put his brilliant wisecracking skills and cartoonishly ripped body to good use with the kind of break-the-rules superhero movie we've been waiting for.

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Starting off like your run-of-the-mill overly dramatic superhero film, this epic trailer doesn't take long to prove that it's unlike anything Marvel has offered fans before.

The very profane, extremely violent, massively entertaining first trailer might go down as one of the best this year -- especially considering that they recreated the proof-of-concept short that got fans hot and bothered for the project in the first place.

And then DMX's absolutely perfect "X Gon' Give It to Ya" kicks in and suddenly you realize that you're going to be watching this trailer 600 or 700 more times.

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Deadpool is unique among the world of colorful comic book characters. He's funny, self-referential, and even breaks the fourth wall, often addressing the reader and conventions of the comic book style. And in this trailer, it's nice to see that they finally got the tone right.

This isn't the first time Reynolds has played the character. In 2009 he starred as Deadpool in X-Men Origins: Wolverine – and director Gavin Hood couldn't have screwed up the character harder if he tried. In fact, they specifically sewed up Deadpool's mouth.

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They took a character often referred to as "the merc with a mouth" and then took away one of those two nouns. Deadpool fans the world over didn't respond well to this abysmal interpretation of the beloved character.

The only thing that makes us sad about this bold, hilarious, R-rated Deadpool film is that we have to wait until Jan. 12, 2016 to watch it!