9 Iconic Moments From The 'Mighty Morphin Power Rangers' TV Series

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Power Rangers
reboot, in theaters now,
has undoubtedly sent lifelong fans down a nostalgic wormhole, back to 1993, when we spent three seasons and 145 episodes asking our parents to pretty pretty please enroll us in martial arts.

In celebration of this Mighty Morphin’ time
to be alive, we’re counting down the most iconic, most memorable and most heartbreaking moments from the original series,
Mighty Morphin’ Power Rangers.

GO ! GO !

9. Jason, Trini and Zack Leave the Power Rangers

Season 2, Episode 28
The Power Transfer, Pt.

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In hindsight, this moment isn’t as iconic
as you might remember. Jason,
Trini and Zack leave the Power Rangers to attend a peace conference (what?), while Rocky, Adam and Aisha take over their duties as the Red, Black and Yellow Rangers.

As a kid watching the show, this transfer
of power felt like a huge moment, giving us the six official members who would go on to star in the
Mighty Morphin’ Power Rangers

HOWEVER, the departing
Rangers abruptly did so due to behind-the-scenes contract negotiation drama. With that,
the transition was executed in a hilariously non-flawless manner -- using body doubles, stock footage and painfully obvious dubbing to explain
away the transition.

8. The Introduction of Lord Zedd

Season 2, Episode 1
The Mutiny, Pt. 1

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By the start of season
two, we’ve been treated to 60 glorious episodes of the evil Rita Repulsa making the punniest villains grow (most notably, Goldar). But it was time to introduce a new baddie to the mix, someone who would really leave
their print on the series: Lord Zedd.

7. Jason Lee Scott Fights the Green Ranger & Goldar Without
His Powers

Season 1, Episodes 18 & 19
Green With Evil, Pt. 2 & 3

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Instead of following the typical kids programming formula of tying each
episode up at the end in a pretty bow, the series went quite heavy on multiepisode arcs and cliffhangers to keep us coming back day after day.

In the midst of the iconic
Green With Evil
episodes, it seems the Rangers have finally met their match with the mysterious evil Green Ranger. Particularly, when Red Ranger and leader Jason Lee Scott becomes trapped in the Dark Dimension, stripped of his powers and forced to face Goldar and the Green
Ranger alone with no escape.

6. The Original Pink Ranger Says Goodbye

Season 3, Episode 25
A Different Shade of Pink, Pt. 3

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Unlike Trini, Jason and Zack’s departure from the series --
the showrunners were given plenty of advance notice that Amy Jo Johnson would be leaving the show, giving the character of Kimberly Hart a massive 10-episode-long sendoff.

Kimberly suffers a lot during these episodes: Her power coin is stolen
by evil newcomer Kat (who has her eyes on Kim’s boyfriend Tommy), she is kidnapped by Lord Zedd and used as ransom against her team, and Rita causes her to fall off a balance beam where she is badly injured.

Ultimately, Kimberly asks Kat (no longer under Rita’s spell) to take her
place as the Pink Power Ranger so Kimberly can pursue gymnastics in Florida.

We can equate Kimberly’s farewell to Ginger leaving the Spice Girls. Truly
gut-wrenching, and the group was never the same again.

5. Tommy and Kimberly Finally Kiss

Season 1, Episode 35
The Green Candle, Pt. 2

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Did Original ‘Power Rangers’ Tommy and Kimberly End Up Together?

Power Rangers
fan with a soul became heavily invested in Tommy and Kimberly’s roller coaster of a love story. At the end of the 35th episode, Tommy finally goes in for the kiss, telling her, “I’ve been wanting to do that for a long time.”

4. The Evil Green Ranger’s Identity Is Revealed
Season 1, Episode 20 
Green With Evil, Pt. 4

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Fifteen episodes before Tomberly’s
first kiss, the Rangers were being terrorized by an unidentified evil Green Ranger. By the end of
Green With Evil, Pt 4,
Blue Ranger Billy uses his savvy tech knowledge to identity the Green Ranger's true identity, Tommy Oliver.

3. Jason Asks Tommy to Join the Power Rangers

Season 1, Episode 21

Green With Evil, Pt. 5

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Yes, there
are a lot of green episodes on this list, and rightfully so.

At the end of the
Green with Evil
five-episode arch, Red Ranger Jason Lee Scott asks no-longer-evil Tommy to join the team. He
agrees, and they morph together as a six-some for the first time. Even Zordon says to Alpha, “You are watching history in the making.” That Zordon, so wise.

2. The Power Rangers Morph for the First Time

“The Day of the Dumpster”

Season 1, Episode 1

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Let’s take it all the way back to the first episode of the series. To be
fair, every moment from this 20-minute episode is straight up iconic, because it introduced us to the group we’re still talking about today.

But to narrow it down to a single moment, after the “teenagers with attitude”
reject Zordon’s notion that they are the new Power Rangers,
the fivesome leaves the Command Center where they are immediately attacked and defeated by Rita Repulsa’s Putty Patrollers.

Suddenly, Jason gets a light bulb of an idea, ‘Let’s try this Morphin’
thing Zordon was talking about!’ (I’m paraphrasing)

It’s Morphin’ time!

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Now what could be the most iconic moment from the Mighty Morphin’ Power Rangers original series? Any thoughts? Feelings? Opinions? Leave your comments below and check out the video above to see which moment landed the No. 1 spot.