EXCLUSIVE: Channing Tatum on Meeting 'Kingsman' Co-Star Halle Berry for the First Time: 'She Is So Beautiful'

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Even Channing Tatum can't get over how beautiful Halle Berry is!

The 37-year-old actor, along with his fellow cast members of Kingsman: The Golden Circle, took the stage at Comic-Con in San Diego, California, on Thursday. ET's Kevin Frazier chatted with Tatum shortly after Berry apparently chugged bourbon in front of the crowd.

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"Halle just downed an entire pint of bourbon in front of everybody, so that was a little crazy," Tatum said. "I guess that is initiation to be a statesman."

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Tatum and Berry both star in the upcoming Kingsman sequel and he had nothing but great things to say about his gorgeous co-star.

"The first thing I think I said, 'cause I was so nervous and she is so beautiful, I am just like, 'Do you think you are the most used name in rap songs?'" Tatum revealed. "I didn't say anything else. I didn't even say, 'Hi, my name is Channing.' I was like, 'Do you think you...'"

"I just had, like, one question to ask her," he shared. "But I always joke with her. I am like, 'You just look like you just drank a green juice right off the beach sun,' like, her skin. She is so beautiful. It's insane! She is the sweetest thing, absolutely the sweetest person."

The Magic Mike stud also gushed about another beautiful lady -- his wife, Jenna Dewan Tatum.

"You guys never stop asking us to dance," Tatum joked after Frazier inquired if they ever stop dancing. "So, it is, you know, we try to oblige. She is a dancer, that's what she does."

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Kingsman: The Golden Circle
follows two elite secret service organizations who band together to defeat a common enemy. The action film also stars Colin Firth. Julianne Moore, Jeff Bridges, Pedro Pascal and Taron Egerton.

Tatum also shared his experience on set and how incredible it was to do his own stunts.

"I don't think I have ever shot a fight scene like this! It is so stylized and very different from what I am used to," he told ET. "You run the fight all the way through. You shoot it from different angles and shoot the fights in basically, like, two shots, two angles and [director] Matthew [Vaughn] is completely at the opposite end of the spectrum. It is so unbelievably manicured and sort of just designed. I have never done a fight scene like that before."

Kingsman: The Golden Circle
arrives in theaters on Sept. 22. Watch Berry seemingly chug a full pint of bourbon at Comic-Con in the video below.

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