'Murdered by Morning' Series Retraces a Victim's Last Night Alive Before Their Untimely Death (Trailer)

Murdered by Morning

From the network that delivers high-quality crime television comes another chilling new series, Murdered by Morning, debuting in January. 

Each week, the Oxygen program chronicles the true story of a victim whose night took an unexpected turn, resulting in their death -- and ET has the exclusive first look at the series.

From a girls’ night gone bad to an overnight shift at a local toy store that has an unexpected twist, Murdered by Morning shows how an ordinary evening can quickly turn into a living nightmare. 

The episodes offer a thorough examination of each case, taking it step-by-step as the series comes through numerous suspects until it eventually finds the killer. 

Murdered by Morning

The new series promises to be the latest true-crime sensation following Murder for Hire, Searching For and The DNA of Murder With Paul Holes

Murdered by Morning airs Sundays at 7 p.m. ET/PT starting January 19, 2020 on Oxygen.


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