WATCH: Joss Stone Speaks Out on the Alleged Kidnapping Plot Against Her


British singer Joss Stone sits down with ET to discuss the making of her new album and also addresses the incident last month near her home in which two men were arrested after allegedly plotting to kidnap and kill her.

Stone, 24, called the plot "a little bit crazy" but said she came out of it being okay. "People are mental, man. But it's alright. This is another story I can add to my list of stories. It makes my life so much more interesting," she told ET. "You can't fret about things that didn't happen, it just seems a bit silly."

The singer even manages to joke about the incident, saying: "You know, one could say I might take that as a compliment, I don't know how, but I'm figuring it out." She added that the event -- in which police arrested two men last month near Stone's house in southwest England after they were reportedly carrying swords and maps of the singer's property -- also gives her an excuse to get more dogs to scare off potential criminals. 

Stone was one of the lucky guests to attend the royal wedding of Prince William and Kate Middleton and shared her thoughts on the spectacular event watched by millions around the world. "It was lovely, I just went to the church, so I mean, it was just the most amazing wedding I've ever been to."

"She's our future queen and he's the future king, it's just cool. When those things happen, I'm so glad I'm English," she added. Of the royal couple, she says: "They're such lovely people. I haven't met Kate, but the boys are just lovely and really funny." "They make me laugh."

Stone also talks about how excited she is to be releasing her new album "LP1" July 26th. She describes the new album, which she says was recorded in Nashville in six days, as "soulful" and "more rocky" than what she's used to doing.

She said she was pleased to release it on her own label, called Stone'd Records. "There was no
moment when in the making of this album where I had to take it to
somebody and ask them 'Do you like it? Will you put it out? Is it
okay?' There was nothing like that. It was like, okay, we've made some
music, it's nice, now we're going to share it with the world."