Cody Simpson on Justin Bieber: 'We're Both Heading In Different Directions'


Cody Simpson has been the object of affection for every teenage girl in the world since he was first discovered on YouTube in 2009. Now the teen sensation is gearing up for his European tour and sharing exclusive home video with ET and dishing on his recent collaboration with Justin Bieber.

The 17 year-old Aussie has a lot of things in common with the Biebs. Both got their start on YouTube before becoming the biggest pop acts in music by their mid-teens. Now the dynamic duo are teaming up for the first time on a "cool special project."

"He just called me up and he's been seeing my guitar skills recently," Cody tells ET about the collaboration. "We wrote a beautiful song and it's definitely going to lead to more stuff," he teases.

Of the constant comparisons between the two pop stars, Cody admits, "We're both heading in different directions as we grow up." But adds, "He's becoming a cool musical mate of mine."

Cody is connecting with his New England fans before heading out for his big tour at the Great Wolf Lodge indoor waterpark in Massachusetts. The Surfboard singer is no stranger to the water telling ET he once has his eye on the Olympics as a competitive swimmer.

"I was an Australian champion competitive swimmer before I got really serious into my music," he says.

Watch the video for exclusive home footage of one of Cody's swim meets and a special performance for his fans in Massachusetts.