Is Nicki Minaj Ready for Babies? 'I Was Put Here to Be a Mother'

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Nicki Minaj has got babies on the brain.

The rapper is hard at work promoting her third studio album – The Pinkprint, out Dec. 15 – and in a new interview with Complex Magazine, Minaj speaks openly about both her career and personal ambitions.

"If I'm done with my fifth album and I don't have a child by then, no matter how much money I have, I would be disappointed, as a woman, because I feel like I was put here to be a mother," she says. "I have definitely put off the wife thing because I don’t want people in my business. I'd rather not do anything that’s going to be on paper but I definitely will be married before I have my baby. I want to make sure I do it in that order."

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The 31-year-old has addressed her desires to be a mother in previous interviews. In a 2012 interview with Complex, Minaj said she would like to have a husband and children in five years. Earlier this year, she expressed the desire to make $500 million and release five albums before settling in to family life.

"I have to put out all six of my albums, contractually," she clarifies. "After the fifth, I'll probably have my baby. I wonder if I'm going to be one of those women who balances my child with a career… I don't want the child feeling like they don't have all of my attention, so I always said, 'I'm going to take a little break.' But we'll see."

Meanwhile, Nicki is sharing sexy sneak peeks of her new "Only" music video on Instagram. Wearing sky-high platform heels, she is flaunting her assets in a sheer bodysuit over nothing but black lingerie. This after Nicki essentially broke the Internet with her NSFW "Anaconda" cover art and video over the summer.

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"What made me excited about it was that people hadn't seen me do a picture like that in years," she tells Complex. "The reason I stopped taking pictures like that was because I needed to prove myself. I needed for people to take me seriously. I needed for people to respect my craft. I've proven that I'm an MC. I'm a writer; I'm the real deal, so if I want to take sexy pictures, I can. I'm at the level in my career and in my life now where I can do whatever the hell I want to."

Motherhood-meets-sexiness has been a hot topic in Hollywood lately. Kim Kardashian faced criticism after posing for a nude photo spread in Paper Magazine, but the 34-year-old mom of baby North says the shoot gave her a confidence boost.

"Everyone should do what they are comfortable with, and I'm not one to preach, but I felt really positive and really good about myself," Kim said on Australia's The Project. "I'm not saying anyone else should do that, but for me, I did it as an art project that was going to make me feel confident and feel good, and it taught me to do what you want to do."

Hmm, it seems like Nicki and Kim have that mantra in common. Re-visit her buzzed-about "Anaconda" video in the player below.