Sam Smith Slams Pop Stars: 'Some Are Just Awful'

V Magazine

No more Mr. Nice Guy for Sam Smith.

In addition to baring a bit of chest hair and giving a sultry stare for the cover of V magazine, the "Stay With Me" singer also revealed what he really thinks of some of his musical peers.

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"Even when you meet them -- I won't name names -- but some of these pop stars are just awful," the 22-year-old Grammy nominee singer said during his interview with music legend Chaka Khan. "And they have not even had half the success that you've had and yet you're so humble and kind."

While Smith may not be a fan of all pop stars, he did find a friend in Khan. In fact, expect some new music from the two. "We are definitely going to write a song together," the 61-year-old singer/songwriter told Smith.

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Assuring Khan that he was "in," Smith added, "I was actually thinking me, you and Mary [J. Blige] would do something."

Apparently, Khan's music is a favorite in the Smith family. "My mom always used to joke around with her friends, when I was, like, 12 years old -- 'It's all good. Sam's just got to get Chaka Khan to sing with him when I'm in my 50s,'" he told the "I'm Every Woman" singer. "I rang her this morning and she was like, 'I can't believe you.'"

Who do you think are the "awful" musicians Smith is referring to?

It could very well be Katy Perry's date to the 2014 MTV Video Music Awards, Rif Raff -- especially after what the rapper said of Smith on social media. Check out the fighting words, below.