Nick Jonas Covers Kanye's 'Only One' (and Tweets It at Kanye)

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Sounds like Nick Jonas wants to work with Kanye West!

The pop star tweeted at the rapper Sunday, sending him a link to a cover of "Only One," the heartfelt ballad that Kanye produced with Sir Paul McCartney. The song, the first single of a purported larger collaboration between the two music legends, is sung from the perspective of Kanye’s late mother Donda West.

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“I love this song so much I had to sing it myself,” Jonas wrote in his tweet.

Jonas’ cover was pretty spot-on, though he thankfully left off the end section where Kanye references his daughter North West, singing “Tell Nori about me.”

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Kanye has yet to respond, so we’ll leave it to the fans to decide whether this is a touching tribute or just a little desperate.

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