Elle King's Secrets to Success: Going Bra-Less, Alcohol and Red Bull

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Many artists on the South by Southwest circuit credit a good night's sleep and eating their veggies with making it through the week-long performance marathon. Elle King, however, takes a more rock 'n roll approach.

"Alcohol and red bull" are King's secrets to SXSW success, the "Ex's & Oh's" singer claims.

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"I drink and I have a lot of fun," she says. "I feel like, thank God I play rock and roll 'cause I think rasp might work with it. We gotta put shows on for people, so we just try our best and drink as much as we possibly can."

The crooner released her debut album Love Stuff earlier this year to critical acclaim and while fans may already be itching for a follow-up, King is taking her time and savoring the moment.

"A huge thing on my bucket list was releasing my first album and that happened this year, so it's like -- check!" she says.

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Asked whether there's a sophomore album on her radar, King's response is quick. "Hell no," she says. "I'm gonna live in this and I'm gonna enjoy it. We worked [for] three years on this album, so I'm really looking forward to enjoying what comes out of releasing an album and touring and working to get as many ears to listen to it as possible."

Among those ears are Reese Witherspoon's and Hayley Williams', both of whom professed their love of King's music on social media and made the singer "feel like a million bucks."  

"I got like a thousand followers in an hour," King says. "I was like, 'Oh my God, thanks Reese!"

But it was the instant success of her debut album and single, "Ex's and Oh's," that created the biggest "pinch me" moment of King's career.

"Coming out 45 on the Billboard chart, I never ever dreamed that I would even make it on there," she says, "And debuting at No. 7 on iTunes -- my A&R was like, 'That doesn't happen. I don't know what you did.' I was like, 'I don't wear bras, man.'"

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King's firecracker personality becomes (even more) larger than life when she hits the stage, where she flips her hair, swigs from her cup and sings each and every song like it's her last. Luckily for us, King will be a regular on the festival circuit this year. 

"I'm getting to play some of the big festivals that I've only dreamt about going to, let alone my first time going to some of these places are gonna be my first time playing them," she gushes. "It's a real treat, it's awesome. I just love playing live."

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