EXCLUSIVE: Adele, Gwen Stefani & Backstage with Taylor Swift -- AJ McLean's Daughter is the Ultimate Fangirl!


The Backstreet Boy's daughter is fangirl of the year!

In his 23 years with the Backstreet Boys, AJ McLean has seen all kinds of fans, but it’s his daughter, Ava, who’s growing into the ultimate music worshipper. The adorable girl, who is preparing to welcome a little sister early next year, celebrates her 4th birthday on Sunday, Nov. 27, and has already rocked out at more concerts than many adults have.<p>Here are eight reasons why Ava’s the most awesome fangirl:

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Her time-outs involve turning down amazing seats to Meghan Trainor
McLean had to abandon family plans to attend Meghan Trainor’s Untouchable Tour because Ava wasn’t behaving. “She’s a huge Meghan Trainor fan and Meghan has become one of my closest friends, so she was like, ‘You’ve got to come see my show.’ But Ava wasn’t behaving or listening that day. I never thought I’d be that dad who puts his foot down and is a true disciplinary, but Ava was acting up so I said, ‘If you don’t listen, we’re not going to the concert.’ Sure enough, she didn’t listen. Rochelle looked at me and was like, ‘Can’t we just let it slide?’ and I said, ‘No because then she’ll think she can get away with murder!’”

Luckily for Ava, a few months later the Backstreet Boys joined the bill of the We Can Survive concert that Trainor was also playing, so Ava finally got to meet her idol!

She hangs backstage with Taylor Swift

This little girl is a true Swifty! While daddy was off filming Dead 7 in Montana, Ava -- who sings “Blank Space” on a daily basis -- was attending the pop star’s LA show.
“She had the best time,” says McLean. “Taylor stopped what she was doing backstage to say hi to her. I was so mad I couldn’t be there. To hang with Taylor would’ve been fun, but also to see Phoebe from Friends perform with her that night would’ve been the highlight of my life.”

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Her mommy-daughter dates consist of scoring last-minute tickets to a sold-out Adele gig
The pair had the best night ever at one of the GRAMMY winner’s recent shows at the Staples Center in Los Angeles, where Ava sang her heart out and tried to snap her fingers along with the music. “My amazing publicist got these amazing seats and they had a blast -- I’m jealous I couldn’t go,” says McLean. “Ava absolutely loved it.”

She loves the Beatles

Ava isn’t just a pop fangirl! The Beatles and Stevie Wonder were top of the party playlist when she celebrated her first birthday, and McLean says she appreciates all genres of music. “Rochelle’s a huge Beatles fan, and then when it’s Daddy-Ava time, I’m playing David Bowie and we’ll throw in a little old-school rap. Ava loves all of it. It’s crazy, but she’s got such a good ear.”

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She boogies in the bathroom to Justin Timberlake

What rivalry? She may be the daughter of a Backstreet Boy, but that doesn’t mean Ava can’t appreciate some Justin Timberlake tunes. Check out this video of her rocking out to the former *NSYNC member’s solo hit, “Can’t Stop the Feeling.”

She ain’t no hollaback girl!

When Gwen Stefani’s This Is What the Truth Feels Like tour swung into town, there was no way Ava was going to miss the Los Angeles show. “So this awesomeness happened last night,” McLean wrote alongside an epic snap of the No Doubt frontwoman holding Ava as the pair flashed the peace sign. “Thank you so much to @gwenstefani for being so rad and sweet with my baby girl! Ava was so star struck I love it. Daddy's crush is now one of my daughters favs! #amazing show.”

She cruises to school blasting Flo Rida

Going to school has never been more fun than when you’re riding with a Backstreet Boy! Here’s Ava busting some moves to Flo Rida’s “Zillionaire.”

Her biggest musical love is… her dad!

“She loves daddy’s music,” says McLean. “Every night during bathtime, she says, ‘Daddy, put on your music,’ then she stands in the bathtub and dances and sings. Her favorite is the song about her, ‘Fire Breathing Dragons,’ but she loves all of them, especially the uptempos because she likes to shake her butt… sometimes a little inappropriately. I have to say, ‘Enough with the butt-shaking!’
"She loves my [upcoming] album and is just a huge fan of music. Every day Rochelle sends me a new video of Ava singing something a capella and it just kills me. She’s basically me!”

Happy birthday Ava -- hope you get to celebrate at a concert!