‘My Name Is Earl’ Star Ethan Suplee Debuts Unrecognizable Weight Loss Transformation

On his new podcast, Suplee says he's 'gained and lost probably close to 1,000 pounds at this point.'

Ethan Suplee is a whole new man! 

The 43-year-old star of My Name Is Earl, Remember the Titans, and Motherless Brooklyn has been showing off his progress at the gym on Instagram lately, and is completely unrecognizable. 

He also opened up on his new podcast American Glutton about his self-described "complicated relationship with food."

Suplee noted that he's "never really felt comfortable eating in front of people," and revealed that his father put him on his first diet at the age of 10 because he weighed more than 200 pounds. 

Noting that he's also in recovery from drug addiction, Suplee noted that he's always had dramatic weight fluctuations. At the beginning of My Name Is Earl, he says he weighed about 290 pounds and at the end it was closer to 400 pounds. 

"I've gained and lost probably close to 1,000 pounds at this point and I've done all the diets," he said. 

He also noted that after the show went off the air in 2009, he got very into biking and dropped down to 220 pounds, which he said made him very skinny. 

"I definitely struggled with work because of that for a while," he admitted. "At some point I was like, 'Well, f**k, I'm just going to get fat again because maybe it'll be better for work.' And honestly it was." 

Noting that his struggles with weight had to do with insecurities over his appearance, Suplee added, "I quit drugs because I had a health scare. I don't think I ever dieted because of health."

He also added, "My goal right now is a six pack and I'm not far off, pretty f**king close actually." 

Suplee isn't the only star getting in shape! Watch the clip below to see comedian Kumail Nanjiani's transformation:


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