'My Unorthodox Life' Trailer: From Ultra-Religious Jewish Community to Fashion CEO

My Unorthodox Life
Courtesy of Netflix © 2021

'My Unorthodox Life' will stream July 14 on Netflix.

Julia Haart is sharing a look into her life in My Unorthodox Life.

The fashion entrepreneur and her family take front and center in the new Netflix reality series premiering later this month. Julia is a former member of an ultra-Orthodox Jewish community who left her world to become CEO of the conglomerate of modeling agencies Elite World Group.

"There's one thing you can say is, we have a very interesting life," Julia says in the first trailer for My Unorthodox Life, before sharing a glimpse at her fabulous life, which includes husband Silvio, sons Shlomo and Aron and daughters Batsheva and Miriam.

The sneak peek shows Julia taking the reins of the company, while on a mission to revolutionize the industry, as well as support and be the best mother she can be. Torn between their two conflicting cultures, the mother-of-four helps her kids reconcile their orthodox upbringings with the modern world.

But Julia is also all about her work and taking charge.

"If you f*ck with Julia, she will bulldoze you," her right-hand man, Robert, says in the teaser. "And it's the most powerful, incredible thing I have ever seen in my life."



My Unorthodox Life will stream July 14 on Netflix.