Neil Patrick Harris Swears He's Not The Peacock on 'The Masked Singer' -- So Who Is?

Neil Patrick Harris and The Peacock on 'The Masked Singer' (inset)
Nathan Congleton/NBC/NBCU Photo Bank via Getty Images, Fox

The actor took to Twitter to try and squash rumors that he's a costumed contestant on the hit Fox series.

Neil Patrick Harris really wants to get the point across that he's not The Peacock on Fox's The Masked Singer.

Fans of The Masked Singer have spent weeks playing detectives in an attempt to deduce which famous faces are beneath the ornate masks worn by the costumed celebrity contestants.

The Peacock, who was the first masked performer to hit the stage when the show debuted, is still in the running as one of the final five, and his experienced stage presence -- as well as a number of clues about magic -- have led many to think it could be Harris under the pavonine disguise.

"I’m not the Peacock," Harris tweeted Thursday afternoon, seemingly out of the blue a day after The Masked Singer aired its seventh episode.

Judges Robin Thicke, Nicole Scherzinger, Ken Jeong and Jenny McCarthy have all seemingly evoked Harris' name at one point since the show began in early January (despite many, many clues to the contrary that they all seemed to just ignore), and after Wednesday's show, it appears Harris is finally setting the record straight.

Although the show itself did its best to throw some doubt on the assertion, The Masked Singer replied to Harris' post, "Suspicious…"

They also retweeted the denial, adding, "You keep saying that but…"

However, fans of the show who have been paying attention know (or, at least have a pretty good idea) that Harris is not, in fact, The Peacock.

So who is? Well, the odds-on favorite, based on the multiple clues presented throughout the show, is veteran entertainer Donny Osmond.

In the first week's clue package, The Peacock said he "walked onto a stage for the first time" when he was five years old and has been performing ever since. Osmond sang, alongside his brothers, on The Andy Williams Show in 1963, when he was five years old.

While Harris was famously a child star, his debut role came in the 1988 film Clara's Heart, which he made when he was already a teenager.

The Peacock also told viewers that it's "probably been a while since your mom had a poster of me on her bedroom wall," indicating that his massive popularity had waned some time ago. Osmond, while still a successful musician, was a wildly popular teeny bopper star in his younger years.

Additionally, The Peacock said he'd been "dear friends" with the late Michael Jackson. Osmond and the King of Pop were famously friends for decades while it doesn't appear that Harris had any sort of close relationship with Jackson during his life.

These are just a few of the many, many clues that confirm that Osmond is The Peacock. However, it seems that Harris' name keeps coming up because of the frequent clues about magic and being a magician -- not traits typically associated with Osmond's repertoire. 

However, that's just a lesser-known aspect of his career. Osmond and his famous sister, Marie Osmond, have performed magic acts together in Las Vegas many times in the past. 

So, basically, Harris is telling the truth. But you gotta hand it to The Masked Singer's tweet: the denial did sound pretty suspicious.

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