'The Masked Singer': The Alien Is Revealed -- Find Out Which Music Star Was Under the Mask!

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*Caution: Spoilers ahead!*

The mystery of The Masked Singer continues Wednesday night with week seven of the competition, as the final six costumed contenders face off while viewers try to piece out the clues to their secret identities.

Fans are getting another chance to play detective this week with new hints and more outlandish guesses from the show's celebrity panelists -- Robin Thicke, Nicole Scherzinger, Jenny McCarthy and Ken Jeong.

Last week, we found out the secret identity of The Raven, who was unmasked and revealed to be actress and former talk show host Ricki Lake! 

This week, after all was said and done, the audience voted out The Alien, who removed her mask and was revealed to be...

... La Toya Jackson! Ultimately, Thicke and Scherzinger were the only ones who managed to guess it correctly, and the star seemed super excited about being a part of the show.

Keep reading for a look back at the best, weirdest and most baffling moments from the seventh heated week of the wild competition.

And the Alien Is...

6:59 AM:

After all the votes are counted, the singer voted out is The Alien, meaning we finally get to see who it could be. But first, we get the judges' wild guesses.

McCarthy guesses Sofia Richie.

Scherzinger and Thicke guess La Toya Jackson.

Jeong guesses Paula Abdul.

Smoove guesses Carmen Electra.

Ultimately, The Alien removes her mask and reveals herself to be LaToya Jackson! Thicke, Scherzinger were right! (As were we, this whole time).

"I really have to be honest with all of you," Jackson said with a smile. "The reason I did this is people have a tendency to pre-judge you and they compare you to other people in your family. And I just wanted to do it and see how far I'd go!"

The Peacock Can't Feel His Face

6:51 PM:

The Peacock sings a really impressive rendition of "Can't Feel My Face" by The Weeknd (explaining that clue in the clip package) and McCarthy says the number proves he was "born to be an entertainer."

Thicke adds that The Peacock always puts on an incredible physical performance, and compliments his stage presence.

McCarthy is still going on about it being Neil Patrick Harris -- a suggestion Jeong and Smoove shoot down -- and then switches to Wayne Brady.

Scherzinger then says it could be Donny Osmond (our best guess) but McCarthy thinks Osmond's voice is "older" than The Peacock's voice.

As for his new hint, he says he's had his face tattooed on someone's body!

The Peacock -- New Clues

6:48 PM:

-- "I've been getting fan mail since I was a wee little pea chick."

-- He says he started his career as a child prodigy.

-- He says he's hosted awards show and performed for royalty.

-- "I want this so badly, I can't feel my face."

The Rabbit Wows With Wonder

6:43 PM:

The Rabbit once again shows his versatility with a cover of Stevie Wonder's "Isn't She Lovely" and the judges just love it.

Scherzinger suggests it could be JC Chasez from NSYNC, while McCarthy jokes that it might be her own husband, Donnie Wahlberg.

McCarthy and Thicke then both agree that it could be Joey Fatone -- which is also our best guess.

As for The Rabbit's new guess, he reveals, "I have 17 tattoos on my body."

The Rabbit -- New Clues!

6:37 PM:

-- Now he's "standing out, all on my own."

-- "Much of my career was spent in a herd with others pulling my strings."

-- "To be unmasked tonight would break my achy heart."

-- "Tonight, the puppet master becomes the ring master when I put my own spin on a classic."

The Bee Asks 'What's Love Got To Do With It'

6:33 PM:

The Bee's cover of Tina Turner's "What's Love Got To Do With It" is amazing, and it's got all the judges bowing down.

Thicke says whoever the Bee is, she's obviously a "living legend" and says he still thinks it's Gladys Knight, despite all the clues featuring song lyrics of other soul singers.

McCarthy says she thought the bakeware (from last week) could have been a clue about the singer's name, and suggests again that it's Anita Baker.

Thicke asks The Bee if she's ever won a GRAMMY, and The Bee confirms that she's won 10.

The Bee -- New Clues

6:32 PM:

-- "So far I've been singing hits from today's music...  "Now that the competition is getting tougher, I'm going back to what I know best."

-- "A few of us Queen Bees got their groove on back then."

-- "Throws out song titles, like "We Don't Need Another Hero" and "The Best That I Got."

-- Says her song tonight is "from a very close friend."

The Alien Sings About Exes

6:28 PM:

The Alien shows off her vocal skills with a cover of Elle King's "Ex's & Ohs" and wows the judges.

The Alien gives an early clue, hinting, "I have been on the New York Times' bestseller list, twice."

Scherzinger suggests it could be Nicole Richie, and then calls back to the snake clues and says it could be La Toya Jackson, who owns a pet snake.

Jenny McCarthy suggests it could be Paula Abdul, but Smoove says The Alien's legs aren't muscular enough. 

The Alien -- New Clues

6:24 PM:

-- "Not winning now would be criminal, and I know a thing or two about the law."

-- References the fashion world, falling off a runway and law suits.

- Number Clues: "Est. 1956"

The Lion Has a 'Diamond Heart'

6:18 PM:

The Lion amazes once again with an incredible performance of Lady Gaga's "Diamond Heart," which again shows just how incredible her voice actually is.

Scherzinger thinks she's possibly a country/blugrass singer, while Smoove says that it's almost certainly not right.

McCarthy still feels it could be a former member of a girl group and suggests Mel B.

Thicke recalls on old clue in which The Lion was reading a newspaper with the headline "Gold Found In Hailey," and this -- along with the new reference to "true grit" in this week's clue package -- leads Scherzinger to suggest it could be Hailee Steinfeld.

As for the new clue, The Lion unhelpfully reveals, "I have a subscription to a monthly murder mystery game."

The Lion - New Clues

6:13 PM:

-- She references having sisters and going "solo."

-- "With true grit and a diamond heart, I'll separate from the pack and build my own empire."

Not a lot of new stuff here, it seems. We're still guessing it's Rumer Willis.

The Monster Loves Rock and Roll

6:09 PM:

The Monster, sporting a revamped new costume with a star around his eye, kicks the show off with a fun cover of Joan Jett's "I Love Rock N' Roll," and it's super fun.

"I don't know what the hell is going on around here, but this is incredible," Smoove says, marveling over the act.

Robin Thicke says he thinks The Monster is a professional singer, but can't recognize the voice.

Nicole Scherzinger says that past clues indicate it could be a rapper, and Jenny McCarthy suggests Lil Jon. But then Nicole suggests it could be a boxer.

Thicke and Ken Jeong then go back to the idea that it could be a black comic like Tommy Davidson.

As an additional clue, The Monster says he was "never on In Living Color" and that his shoe size is 12!

The Monster -- New Clues!

6:04 PM:

- "Being here has given me a chance to share my true voice with the world."

- "When I was just a little monster growing up down south, I had to stay inside because it was too dangerous outside."

- "I couldn't let people make me a bad boy for life."

- "Tonight, I'm coming out swinging."

Jenny thinks that's golf reference, instead of a boxing reference, both both are misdirects. We're pretty sure it's T-Pain.

J.B. Smoove Guest Stars!

6:01 PM:

This week, we get a special guest judge!

J.B. Smoove takes on the role of "guest star who can't believe how weird this show is" after Joel McHale filled that position earlier this season.

This should inject even more fun (and insane guesses) into the mix.

For more from Lake about her emotional time on the wild reality singing competition series, check out the video below!


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