NeNe Leakes Breaks Silence on Son Bryson's Drug Possession Arrest: 'Not Much That I Can Do'

Nene Leakes and Bryson Bryant
Prince Williams/WireImage/Gwinnett County Sheriff's Office

Bryson Bryant was arrested earlier this month and charged with with felony possession of a scheduled II controlled substance.

NeNe Leakes is speaking out following the arrest of her son, Bryson Bryant.

During a recent appearance on Carlos King's Reality with The King podcast, the former Real Housewives of Atlanta star shared how her son is doing amid the legal turmoil.

"I spoke to him on the phone. I think he's doing OK," NeNe said of the 33-year-old, whom she shares with her ex, Calvin Bryant. "He needs rehabilitation, he needs a lot of counseling. Like many families out there, I have family members that are struggling with drugs and certain addictions."

NeNe said Bryson has been struggling with addiction for years and has been in rehab in the past.

"He has an addiction. He's been struggling with it for years," she continued. "He's been in rehab a couple times, and he still has come back out and relapsed."

NeNe added, "As a mom, just to watch it, my hands are tied... He's an adult. He has three children. Three beautiful children who I adore. He has a wife. It's not much that I can do."

While she's tried to get Bryson help in the past, she said that like anyone struggling with an addiction, they have to be ready to receive that help in order to get clean.

"They have to simply be ready. I've spent so much money on trying to get Bryson where he needs to be, but every time I've sent him off, it's because I've said, 'You are getting your a** up and we are sending you off.' But, I've learned through counseling myself, that he has to say, 'I'm ready to go,'" NeNe explained. "Not me making him go. So, until Bryson is ready to make a change, there's nothing I can do."

She continued, "As a mother, I will never wash my hands of my child, right? But I'm kinda numb to it, because it's been happening for so many years." 

Bryson has also been offered help by former NBA star Lamar Odom, whom NeNe said called her following the news. "Lamar Odom also called me and said that he would grab Bryce right away and send him to his place," she shared. "He has a rehabilitation place somewhere."

On July 20, ET confirmed that Bryson was in jail after being arrested on July 3 in Lawrenceville, Georgia. ET previously reached out to NeNe for comment following the news.

According to Bryson's booking sheet, which ET obtained, he has been charged with felony possession of a scheduled II controlled substance. He has also been charged with a probation violation, loitering/prowling, and giving a false name, address, or birthdate.

ET also obtained the police report, in which officers recount the events leading up to Bryson's arrest, which began when they responded to a suspicious vehicle call. Per the report, an officer saw a baggie of a white powdery substance, which later tested presumptive positive for fentanyl.

When Bryson was arrested, he allegedly told officers that he was Brentt Leakes, his younger brother, something officers didn't learn until after the fact, per the report. That led Bryson to be charged with giving a false name.

When officers searched Bryson's real identity through their systems, they discovered that he was wanted for a probation violation, according to the report.

Bryson has faced legal trouble before, People reports, having previously been arrested for driving under the influence and driving with a suspended license. Per the outlet, he was also accused of stealing razors and planning to print counterfeit checks.