Ivanka Trump On Her Dad Donald: 'He's Exactly What We Need'

Harper's Bazaar

With all the hoopla surrounding Donald Trump's almost presidential run, it's easy to forget that his daughter Ivanka Trump is currently pregnant with her first child with husband Jared Kushner, due July 14.  In the upcoming issue of Harper's Bazaar, the statuesque blond known for both her brains and beauty opens up about being a first-time mom, her parenting plans with Jared and of course, her dad's highly publicized politics.

Posing in a skintight bodycon dress complete with fishnet stockings, black gloves, sky-high heels and bunny ears, Ivanka shows off her signature curves even while far into her pregnancy. Turns out the couple, who married in 2009 in front of such high profile wedding guests as Barbara Walters and Rudy Giuliani, already know the sex of the baby, which will be a girl.

"We have our work cut out for us to ensure that our daughter is grounded and not spoiled," Ivanka says. "Jared is ecstatic. She'll be a daddy's girl. I have a feeling they are going to gang up on me."

Donald is also excited for the newest addition to the Trump family.

"My dad was joking the other day how he's going to have a new favorite little girl," she says. "He's over the moon, he's so excited."

Though she does admit that he's not exactly the changing diapers type.

"He'll be wonderful, but not as a classic, hands-on, 'Let me take the child for the weekend' type," she laughs. "He won't be that kind of grandfather."

And what about her father's much talked about recent foray into politics? It's no surprise that Ivanka stands by her dad 100 percent.

"I think he's exactly what we need," she remarks. "He's the best equipped to deal with the most important issues this nation has, which is ultimately that we're suffering under a massive burden of debt. We need a very acute financial mind to get us out of this mire.”

She also makes it clear that she's not a fan of President Barack Obama.

"Of course [once he was elected] I wanted him to succeed, but he's proven to be a very ineffective leader," she tells the magazine. He has just not risen to the occasion. He doesn't have business experience or a business mind."

Ivanka Trump's Harper's Bazaararticle hits newsstands May 31st.