Elisabetta Canalis Goes Full Frontal For PETA Ad


Elisabetta Canalis is the latest celebrity addition to PETA's well-known anti-fur campaign and George Clooney's former flame looks good defending fur!

The Italian actress and new Dancing with the Stars contender wants to help aid the organization's efforts to stop the barbaric ritual of fur for fashion and explains why going nude would be the best way to garner attention.

"I decided to go nude because I think that nudity always creates a big reaction," Canalis says. "That is what is required to keep people's attention on such a brutal practice …. These poor animals are electrocuted, skinned alive, drowned, and bludgeoned just for the sake of fashion."

The overseas star joins a host of other celebs who have dropped their clothing for the cause, including Eva Mendes, Alicia Silverstone, Joanna Krupa and many more. Want to know how you can dress fur-free? Check out PETA's clothing guide here.