Lou Ferrigno: Michael Did Not Deserve to Die!


Lou Ferrigno, Michael Jackson's close friend and former personal trainer, seems convinced of there being foul play surrounding Michael's death. The actor revealed his raw feelings concerning the tragedy in a candid interview with ET.

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"Michael did not deserve to die," Lou stated plainly. "Something happened - that's what we're finding out now."

The former Mr. America and Mr. Universe says that he met with the King of Pop for a training session just weeks before he passed.

"There were no signs of physical stress," said Lou. "He did not look stoned, he was not on drugs, but he did complain that he had a lot of problems sleeping."

The most surprising element of the case for Lou may have been the alleged helplessness of Michael's physician Dr. Conrad Murray.

"I'm shocked that the doctor, Conrad Murray, looked around and said, 'Does anybody know CPR?'" Lou said. "Myself, being a Deputy Sheriff for the Los Angeles Sheriff's Dept., if I was there I would have instantly given him CPR."