Neil Patrick Harris Talks Tony Award Surprises


Neil Patrick Harris will host the Tony Awards for the third time on Sunday, and we caught up with the triple-threat performer today during a rehearsal at the Beacon Theatre.

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"I feel like we're in a bit of a groove with the show," NPH said when asked about any nervousness he may be harboring about the event. "But it's always a different beast because you're honoring a whole new crop of shows, so the Tony Awards kind of creates itself based on the season's shows."

From big musicals like Newsies to more serious dramas like Other Desert Cities, Broadway had a little something for everybody this season, and theater's biggest night also has a few tricks up its sleeve, according to the host.

"We have a few interesting, surprise-y bits," said NPH, who cut himself off before spoiling the show for potential viewers. "I'd be terribly in bad form to give it away now."

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As a father of two, NPH is a big advocate of exposing children to Broadway, but would the How I Met Your Mother star want to see one of his kids host the award ceremony?

"I wish that on very few people," NPH said with a laugh.

The Tony Awards will air live on CBS from 8:00-11:00PM (ET/PT time delay).