LeAnn Rimes Sues Alleged Phone Tappers


LeAnn Rimes is taking legal action against two women who she claims secretly recorded private telephone conversations of the singer and later post edited portions online with malicious intent.

Kimberly Smiley and her daughter Lexi are named in the lawsuit filed Thursday, August 30 in Los Angeles, which seeks damages of more than $25,000.

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According to court documents obtained by ET, Rimes accuses the Smileys of not only recording her without her consent, but altering the recordings to intentionally portray the singer "in an egregiously false and negative light" to therefore cause "emotional distress."

The singer goes on to allege that the Smileys are part of an "increasingly aggressive internet campaign" made up of supporters of Rimes' husband's ex-wife, Brandi Glanville.

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Just yesterday, Rimes entered a 30-day-in-patient treatment facility to cope with anxiety and stress.

"This is just a time for me to emotionally check out for a second and take care of myself and come back in 30 days as the best 30-year-old woman I can be," she said Thursday in a statement. "All the things in my life will be there when I get out, but you know what? I'm hoping they're not going to affect me as much. I'll have the tools to know how to deal with them."

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