Dina Lohan on Lindsay's Struggles


Lindsay Lohan's turbulent life is always making news -- last week she was accused of hit-and-run, and this week she checked into a hospital. Now, Lindsay's mom Dina Lohan tells our Christina McLarty what she knows about Lindsay's struggles and her big comeback movie Liz & Dick. Watch the video!

Video: Dina Lohan's Advice to Amanda Bynes' Parents

"It's just uncanny, the similarities in Elizabeth's life and Lindsay's life," says Dina. Lindsay's father, Michael Lohan, observes that Lindsay needs to be cautious when emulating her Hollywood heroes: "The scary part is when you liken yourself to some of these characters like Elizabeth Taylor, and the problems she went through, and like Marilyn Monroe, who she idolizes -- when you look at the path they took in their lives, it's kind of scary."

Video: Lindsay Lohan on Her Liz Taylor Similarities

Watch the video to hear Dina's update on Lindsay following her recent trip to the emergency room and the latest on the hit-and-run accusation.