President Obama Cries Thanking Supporters


President Barack Obama may have just won re-election but he's still as humble as ever.

He stopped by a campaign office in Chicago on Wednesday to thank the people who worked tirelessly to get him re-elected, and tossed kudos their way as he spoke about all the wonderful things they would do in the future.

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The president's voice cracked as he said, "What you guys have done means that the work I've been doing is important, and I'm really proud of that." The tears started flowing as he uttered, "I'm really proud of all of you."

Instead of patting himself on the back, he offered words of wisdom to his young supporters, "What you guys accomplished will go in the annals of history and people will read about it, and they'll marvel about it, but the most important thing you need to know is that your journey is just beginning. You're just starting and whatever good we do over the next four years will pale in comparison to what you guys end up accomplishing for years and years to come."

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He added, "And that's been my source of hope."

Watch the video to see the touching moment for yourself.

Video: President Barack Obama's Victory Speech