Ben on Courtney: Did I Ever Really Know Her?


After announcing their break-up in October with a joint statement expressing their "utmost respect for each other," it appears Bachelor Ben Flajnik and his ex-fiancée Courtney Robertson are no longer on the friendliest of terms.

In particular, Ben has plenty to say about her rumored new relationship with fellow Bachelor star Arie Luyendyk.

"I look at these staged photos of the two of them and I'm like: Why is she doing this? The girl that I loved never wanted to be famous and I look at these set-ups and I think I got out at the right time," he tells People. "I see certain things in the media and I wonder, did I ever really know her? I try to avoid it all together."

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Courtney also didn't have the most positive things to say about Ben in a new interview with Us Weekly.

"In many ways, I felt brainwashed," she says about her experience on The Bachelor.

For example, she felt duped when Ben's supposedly thoughtful gestures -- including bringing her favorite snack, popcorn, to a date in Switzerland -- actually came from show producers. She also hints that Ben was not the same guy he was portrayed as on the show.

According to Courtney, the two rarely saw each other after filming wrapped.

"Ben said he was 'all picnicked out,'" she says. " ... I put up with more than I should."

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And although she doesn't confirm dating Arie, she does call him "a cool guy."

"I'm just trying to figure out the next step," she says about her current romantic situation.