Josh Brolin Talks New Year's Day Arrest

Santa Monica Police

Josh Brolin sat down with Good Morning America's George Stephanopoulos to talk about his new film Gangster Squad, when the conversation veered towards his New Year's Day arrest for alleged public intoxication in Santa Monica, California.

When asked about "what happened" on New Year's, Brolin took it in stride.

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"New Year's -- that's what happened," he joked. "I'm the one guy who's out there and they go, 'Hey, there's Josh -- let's grab him,' you know. It was New Year's. It was a pretty innocent thing. It was a fun thing."

But throughout the interview, Josh was able to keep a sense of humor about the situation.

"The most awful thing about it is you see this shot of me like this [makes angry face] -- they don't show you the other shot where I turn and had a huge smile on my face," he said, referring to his mug shot. "So you know, whatever -- they were very sweet to me actually. [The media outlets] sensationalize it -- you make it into something else, but whatever."

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Santa Monica, Calif. police told ET that Brolin was arrested at 11:30 p.m. on January 1, 2013, but was released a few hours later with no further action being sought by the department. But this isn't the actor's first run-in with the law -- he was arrested once on a misdemeanor charge of battery in 2004, and once after an alleged bar incident in 2008, but charges were dropped in both cases.