Shailene Woodley to Chop Long Locks For Charity

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Shailene Woodley will soon undergo a drastic makeover for her new film The Fault in Our Stars, based on the best-selling novel about two teenagers fighting cancer, and in keeping with the subject matter of the book, the actress has decided to donate her signature locks to a charity benefiting kids who've lost their hair.

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Fault's author John Green announced the news via his Tumblr blog, telling readers about Shailene's donation and encouraging others to follow in the star's footsteps.

He writes:

Shailene Woodley is cutting her hair this weekend to prepare for her role as Hazel in 'The Fault in Our Stars' movie. And she's donating her hair to Children with Hair Loss, an organization that provides free wigs to kids who’ve experienced hair loss due to cancer, burns, or other medical conditions.

When Shailene told me about this, I immediately thought there might be people in nerdfighteria who want to join her. (We already have one convert joining in: Shailene's mom!) So if you have eight or more inches of spare hair, consider donating it to Children with Hair Loss.

And if you do, let me know via the tags hairforhazel or itgrowsback, so I can put together some pictures/reblog your beautiful faces.

I want to be clear that this was entirely Shai's idea. (I don't even think the studio knows about it.) I hope if you're able, you'll consider joining Shai in donating. Thanks!

(ALSO: huge thanks to Wyck and Isaac, the guys producing the movie, for taking time away from, like, movie producing to sort through the very complex world of hair donations.)

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The author also posted a YouTube video detailing the donation, which you can watch here.Visit Children with Hair Loss' website for more.