Jamie Deen: I Support Mom 'Until the End of Time'


"Family is first" for Jamie Deen, who recently launched his very first solo cookbook, Jamie Deen's Good Food, a compilation of tried-and-true recipes influenced by his wife, young son and mother, Paula Deen. In a sit-down with ET, the 46-year-old cook reflected on why he wanted to share his family's kitchen secrets as well as give an update on how his mom is doing after an especially rough summer.

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"It's a dream come true for me to have this book," a proud Jamie gushed at a special book signing Thursday at The Lady and Sons in Savannah, Georgia. "The books that my brother and I have done together are periods of our life together, and this is my book and my wife's and my son's and where we are."

Fans of the Deen family wrapped around the block for the event taking place inside the restaurant that was opened 25 years ago by Paula. Slimmed-down and smiling, the 66-year-old former Food Network staple joined in on the festivities just one week after returning to the public forum after a discrimination law suit cost her lucrative endorsement deals and her cooking show.

"For mom to have the opportunity to go in front of people in Houston last week was just tremendous for her," Jamie reflected of the appearance, which left his mother crying tears of joy. "She's had kind of a quiet summer here at home and she loves to spend time with people and I expected nothing less from the people of Texas. We've got a huge fan base that loves mom. It was a tremendous day for her spirit and a real proud day for our family."

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Though fans played a large part in why Paula was able to bounce back from a rough summer, Jamie credits her current happiness to a healthy dose of family loyalty.

"Family is first with us. You know, we are so blessed to be still close with my father--my mom and dad were married for 27 years--and he's sill there to support mom and everybody knows when you have a troubling time and you need somebody, who better than family? And of course my brother and I would stand with mom now until the end of time."

Jamie Deen's Good Food, which features a forward by Paula, is available now for purchase.

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If you'd like to see Paula in person, she and her son Bobby will appear together at the Metropolitan Cooking and Entertaining Show in Dallas, Texas on September 21 and 22.