Bill Murray Dances to 'Turn Down For What'!


Ain't no party like a Bill Murray dance party!

Murray is still the world's best party crasher, as was proven once again when he showed up at the head of the table for a birthday party in rural Jedburg, South Carolina.

Charleston Chef Brett McKee was catering the event and posted a few moments from the bash that was in honor of the party's host Marvin Larry Reynolds and Murray's upcoming 64th birthday on Sept. 21.

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Though the pictures show just how personable this A-list actor can be, it's the video of him dancing to "Turn Down For What" and "867-5309/Jenny" that's amazing! "This was a night to remember. Bill Murray was just a normal guy celebrating his birthday with Marvin Larry Reynolds, Julie Burch Reynolds and friends. Great night," McKee wrote on Facebook.

Another party goer, Sherry Suttles Ruggiero, also Facebooked, "Last night was a night I will remember forever it was a birthday party for Marvin Larry Reynolds given by his wife Julie Burch Reynolds and every moment was WONDERFUL from the food by Chef Brett Mckee to the special knew friend Bill Murray."

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As Murray fans know, you never know where he'll pop up next. He's crashed engagement photo shoots, bachelor parties and kickball games.

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