Watch This Baby's Hilarious Reaction to Seeing Her Dad Without a Beard for the First Time


You never know what you’re going to get with peekaboo. That’s the point.

But one little girl got more than she could have ever expected when her dad decided to shave his beard off mid-peek. And 19-month-old Brenna was not a fan of her freshly shaved daddy, to say the least.

“I originally decided to shave my beard because it was getting to be too long and the wife was not a fan. She wanted me to just cut it shorter,” dad Bradley Bailey told SF Gate. “But my four year old son wanted to shave with me and he suggested that I shave it all (because he has never seen me without facial hair).”

He continued, “My wife and I decided to film my daughter’s reaction so that years from now we could all look back on it and have a good chuckle.”

Obviously no one enjoys watching a baby cry. But the epic side eye Brenna throws her dad’s way at the end is priceless. And for those worried: rest assured, she was not scarred for life.

“Her reaction was a bit more extreme than either of us expected,” Bradley says. “But she got over it after a few hours and playing many Patty cakes with her.”