Will This Really be Kenan Thompson's Last Season on 'SNL'?

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Could Kenan Thompson really be calling it quits at Saturday Night Live? What up with that?!

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After performing on the late-night sketch show for more than a decade, rumors surfaced today that Kenan Thompson is entering his last season, but now a rep for the show is speaking out about the rumor to ET.

An SNL spokesperson shot down the gossip, calling it "inaccurate, as the season hasn't even started and cast decisions aren't made until the end of the season."

Kenan is the longest-serving black cast member, having joined the show in 2003. During an interview with EW last year he said that he would "never" leave the show, but of course all things must come to an end eventually. If this is Kenan's last SNL season, there are many reasons that we'd be sad to see him go, and we've included seven characters, impressions or sketches that we'd miss without him.

1. What Up With That?

2. Scared Straight

3. David "Big Papi" Ortiz

4. Steve Harvey

5. Ray Lewis

6. Al Sharpton

7. In addition to characters and impressions, he makes for a good game show host.

While Kenan has enjoyed a long run on SNL, not everyone has been as fortunate. Check out who was let go after just one season.