Is Amanda Bynes Missing? Her Parents Speak Out About Daughter's Arrest

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Amanda Bynes' father claims the actress is M.I.A.

Rick Bynes told X17
that he has not seen or heard from his daughter since she was taken into custody over the weekend on suspicion of a DUI. He also claimed that he didn't even know she was arrested until reporters broke the news. "We know nothing about this. We were called by the press," the 28-year-old actress' father told the website. "I'm getting calls all day long. That's all I know."

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He added, "She's 28. She does what she wants." Rick believes his daughter could be in New York City.

In 2013, Amanda's mother was given temporary conservatorship of her daughter while she was undergoing treatment for some mental health issues. However, that conservatorship ended earlier this month.

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This is the second DUI arrest for the What I Like About You star. Bynes is currently serving three years probation for a DUI arrest made back in 2012, which means she could face jail time for a probation violation.

Her next court date for her current run-in with the law will be on Oct. 23.

Since leaving the treatment facility earlier this year, Bynes has looked quite healthy in her twitpics. Her most recent was of her and her sister Jillian Bynes.

For more on the actress' recent arrest, check out the video, below: