Jeff Goldblum Stars In This Super-Crazy Commercial For Light Bulbs


If the point of an advertisement is to clearly and concisely explain a product and its value to you, the customer, than this totally bonkers ad for GE light bulbs featuring Jeff Goldblum and abject insanity actually does its job quite well. If the point of an advertisement is to get you to never, ever get it out of your brain, this one excels.

Goldblum, who was recently seen running from dinosaurs in the world's coolest wedding photos, is back in action as a cartoonish ladiesman with a penchant for luxury and decadence.

From the bizarre minds of comedy duo and Adult Swim icons Tim & Eric comes this sales pitch from a lounge-jacketed Goldblum, two not-at-all-terrified-enough lovely ladies, and a grand piano-topped Jacuzzi.

NEWS: Jeff Goldblum is Engaged!

The pitch itself is for GE light bulbs that, apparently, will make you look like Jeff Goldblum? Apparently? And to be honest, who wouldn't want that? Why hasn't GE been selling us products with the promise for years now?

It's hard to explain the weirdness, so you should just watch it. But if you need some more incentive, here are a few quick highlights:

1. Jeff Goldblum wears a Jeff Goldblum jacket.

2. Jeff Goldblum painting a self-portrait.

3. Jeff Goldblum practicing martial arts in his private dojo.

4. Shirtless Jeff Goldblum playing piano.

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