Alison Krauss Imposter Arrested In New Mexico

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New Mexico woman Peggy Sue Evers, who pretended to be bluegrass country singer Alison Krauss in an effort to steal the life savings of an elderly man in Arkansas, is back behind bars after skipping a probation hearing in September.

As originally reported by KRQE
in Albuquerque, 54-year-old Evers convinced a 75-year-old man named Don Fulton that she was 27-time Grammy Award-winning musician Alison Krauss, after they had met on an online dating site in 2013.

Fulton said he had joined the dating site because he was lonely after his wife had died earlier in the year.

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According to the report,
Evers proved to Fulton that she was Krauss by singing some of the famous performer's hit songs. Evers also explained that, while she was indeed Alison Krauss, she was going by a different name because she was in the witness protection program.

The ruse worked, and Evers and Fulton got married not long after, and lived together in Fulton's Arkansas home.

Police say Evers proceeded to drain every cent out of the man's savings, got him to name her as the sole beneficiary in his will, and even got him to sign over the deed to his house.

After being arrested, Evers pled guilty and was sentenced to pay Fulton $70,000, as well as being sentenced to eight months' probation. However, in September, Evers skipped a probation hearing and fled to New Mexico.

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On October 8, Evers was found finding out in her native state of New Mexico, in a motel. However, it was also discovered that she had been spending a significant amount of time at an apartment nearby, where she was living with Don Fulton, who had moved to New Mexico, apparently to continue the relationship.

It's not known if he still believed that she was Alison Krauss.

Evers is set to be sent back to Arkansas in the near future to face additional charges.

This isn't the first time a criminal was able to successfully pose as a famous singer. In August, a man posing as rock star Scott Weiland was able to fool the LAPD and the Los Angeles Sheriff's Department for over a month.