Missing Actress Misty Upham Confirmed Dead As Family Identifies Body

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Authorities in Seattle, Washington confirmed that a body discovered in a ravine along the White River on Thursday is believed to be missing actress Misty Upham. 

Filmmaker Tracy Rector, reportedly a friend of Misty Upham, is currently serving as a spokesman for the Upham family, and confirmed that the body was discovered by Misty's uncle, Robert Upham, who was leading a three-person search party to find his niece. Rector also stated that Charles Upham, Misty's father, positively identified the remains for authorities, telling them it was Misty.

The body was found along the White River in suburban Seattle, at the foot of a steep embankment

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While the body had not been immediately identified as Upham, the 32-year-old actress' purse containing her photo ID was found near the remains, as first reported by Seattle's KIRO TV and confirmed by the Auburn, PD.

Misty, most recently seen in August: Osage County, has been missing since October 5, according to her father. The actress was reported missing the next day.

Upham's parents, whom she lived with, posted a message to their daughter's Facebook page pleading for help from people in the surrounding area, and for information as to Upham's whereabouts.

While her father stated that Misty had a mental illness -- specifically, he claimed, bipolar disorder and bouts of depression -- he stressed that he didn't believe she killed herself.

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"As her father I do not fear she committed suicide. I feel that she has been hurt by accident or someone has put her in harm's way," Charles Upham said in a statement released on Facebook. He also speculated that perhaps she was disoriented, wandered into the woods, and got injured.

No cause of death has yet been determined, although Rector spoke to claims that Misty may have taken her own life.  "The family has stated that, after seeing the body, they still do not feel that Misty Upham committed suicide," Rector told THR.

Misty's famous peers have reacted to news of the actress' death. Her August: Osage County co-star Meryl Streep told THR in a statement, "So so sad to hear this news -- all our thoughts are with her family and with her beautiful spirit."


Melissa Leo, who worked with Misty in Frozen River, also wrote: "Such a loss... so sad, so so sad."

Juliette Lewis, who also starred alongside Misty in August: Osage County, tweeted on Friday that she did not think her co-star took her own life. "I cant sleep. Too much darkness. I feel so sad about Misty. I know she has more to say. And about how she died. #RIPMistyUpham," she wrote. "Misty told me about horrible violence she suffered on NA reservations She felt she could be murdered! Bcuz she was vocal #ThisIsNOTaSUICIDE."