F-Bombs for Feminism? Is This Viral Video Exploiting Girls or Empowering Them?


Very young girls are letting the F-bombs fly in a new viral video for FCKH8 -- a group fighting for women's rights. But is this the best way to get the message out?

It definitely started a conversation, as the debate reached The Talk on Thursday morning.

"We were really split on this," said The Talk co-host Aisha Tyler. "I liked it. I'm less offended by language and more offended by actions."

NEWS: Princesses Drop F-Bombs to Support Feminism

In the video, which has gotten more than 10 million hits on Vimeo, six girls dressed as princesses curse 16 times in two and a half minutes while promoting pro-feminist issues.

"The company's point was to shock people into paying attention," said Adweek's Michelle Castillo. "They've definitely made their point."

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"It got our attention," said Julie Chen. "Unfortunately, I don't think anything will change."

Regardless of how you feel about the video the results speak for themselves, as talk shows and blogs are now talking about topics that weren't in the news a week ago.

Check out the video to see what you think about the video.