'Reading Rainbow' Star LeVar Burton Reads 'Go The F**K To Sleep' For Charity

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Because the world is a wonderful place sometimes, Reading Rainbow's LaVar Burton read the parody children's bedtime book Go The F**K To Sleep to an audience of fascinated adults, and it was every bit as funny as you would imagine.

The book is written and illustrated like a traditional bedtime story a parent would read to their child. However, the story itself is about a tired, desperate parent hopelessly begging their rambunctious, adventurous child to "please go the f**k to sleep."

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Check out the video, but keep in mind it's uncensored, and the book is called Go The F**k To Sleep, so, as you would imagine, it has some NSFW language.

 It feels weird, at first, to hear the voice of Reading Rainbow swearing like a drunken sailor, but on the other hand, it's also something people have always wanted, deep in their hearts.

Burton's reading is so good, he even gives Samuel L. Jackson -- the official voice of the audio book -- a run for his money.

LeVar read the book as part of Rooster Teeth's Extra Life charity event supporting Children's Miracle Network Hospital. So even when he's cussing, he's doing it for a good cause.

Earlier this year, in May, LeVar made headlines when he launched a Kickstarter campaign to fund a Reading Rainbow revival, and it reached its $1 million dollar goal in less than 12 hours. Watch the video below for more from LeVar on what bringing Reading Rainbow back into the world would mean for him.

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