Couple's Pregnancy Announcement 'Prank' Ends in Adorableness and Lots of Hugs


Pregnancy announcements videos are the new proposal videos, which were the new promposal videos, which were the new flash mob videos. Which is to say: Enjoy yet another heartwarming pregnancy announcement while they last!

Kat is the mom-to-be here, and since she and hubby Kris are making the announcement to friends and family together, this video doesn’t have our favorite component of a pregnancy announcement (that is, the dad crying).

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But it is adorable. And surprisingly simple: Take everyone’s worst nightmare (posing for a picture but it’s really a video) and then instead of saying cheese, they say, “Kat’s pregnant!” Instead confusion turns to joy turn to lots of hugs.

Basically, every reaction is “What?...........OMG!”

We love these videos so much. Keep ‘em coming! Seriously, ladies, if you’re even remotely considering having a baby at some point in your life, get pregnant now, please. We want more pregnancy announcement videos!

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