Kardashian-Jenner Women Rally Around Bruce Jenner

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All of the Kardashian-Jenner daughters rallied around Bruce Jenner on Monday in a show of support following a magazine cover poking fun at the 65-year-old former Olympian.

NEWS: InTouch Magazine Photoshops Makeup on Bruce Jenner

Bruce's estranged wife Kris was reportedly outraged by an InTouch Weekly cover, which added lipstick and makeup to Bruce's face with the headline "My Life as a Woman."

The family responded to the harsh joke with a photo of Kim, 34, Kendall, 19, Kylie, 17, Kourtney, 35, and Khloe, 30, surrounding Bruce on a couch with the caption "Family First."

The InTouch cover marks a turning point in the criticism over Bruce's apparent change in appearance, as it also sparked outrage from those outside the family. Comedian Russell Brand posted an eight-minute rebuke of the headlines bashing the
Olympic gold medalist.

NEWS: Russell Brand Defends Bruce Jenner

"Bruce Jenner is a human being," Russell said on his daily YouTube show The Trews on Friday. "This is not disassociated from the more vivid and violent terrorism horrors of the world. This climate of bullying and judgment and cruelty is a violence of its own nature. It contributes to the climate."

Comedienne Kathy Griffin also chimed in, telling New York Daily News, "It's all Bruce all the time. I'm on Bruce watch, and I support it if Bruce wants to be LGBTQA12345 ... whatever Bruce wants to be."

Now, a Care2 petition is calling on InTouch to apologize for the offensive cover. The petition notes that Jenner has never said or implied anything regarding his gender identity.

NEWS: Kylie Jenner Fights Back at Criticism Surrounding Her Big Lips

"Publicly speculating as to whether or not someone will be coming out as transgender illustrates a flippant lack of empathy toward people who actually struggle with making a gender transition," Care2's Julie Mastrine explained in the petition. "It robs Jenner of his right to identify as he wishes."

According to their website, Care 2, a pioneer of online advocacy since 1998, is a "community of 27 million standing together for good." The goal of the social enterprise is to use the power of business as a force for good.

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