Lindsay Lohan Tries to Pass Off Meeting Fans as Community Service

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Really, Lindsay?!

Not so fast Lindsay Lohan.

Lohan's lawyer Shawn Holley appeared in court on Wednesday to show that Lohan, 28, had completed the terms of her community service sentence stemming from her 2012 reckless driving criminal case, claiming that the troubled actress completed 80 hours of community service in nine days.

But some of what Lohan reportedly counted as community service turned out to be questionable.

Among the activities Lohan reportedly received credit for: A meet-and-greet with fans of her London play Speed-the-Plow. She also reportedly received credit for hours in which young people were shadowing her. Not surprisingly, Santa Monica Chief Deputy City Attorney Terry White took issue with both claims.

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"I'd love to hang out with a celebrity all day and see their life, but that's not community service," White said, according to a USA Today report. "If this was Lindsay Smith, nobody would allow this."

If White is able to show that Lohan didn't complete the hours as stated in court filings, he said he would seek jail time for the star.

And as Lohan faces another battle in court, she's battling an even bigger one with her health. She contracted chikungunya, a rare incurable mosquito-borne virus that causes fever, joint pain and fatigue, while vacationing in Bora Bora over the holidays. Judging by her Instagram however, she appears to still be in good spirits, jokingly crediting her Calvin Klein undies for helping her fight off her illness.

"#mycalvins are helping me fight off my chikungunya ? hehe," she wrote on Sunday.

According to USA Today, when questioned about how she was able to complete 80 hours despite getting treatment in the hospital, Holley said Lohan was actually an outpatient and "powered through" her illness to complete her community service obligations.

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Check out the video below to hear about Lohan's rare virus.